SEIN TNS Co., Ltd. is...

an engineering company whose activities include the design, manufacturing, and construction of technological facilities used in oil refining, food industry, textile industry, development of new materials, hydrogen industry, and many other areas in accordance with the technical requirements of customers.

The company actively participates in the localization and commercialization of chemical processes, leveraging accumulated technological competencies. This ranges from general-purpose equipment development to specialized technologies such as hydrogen reforming, polymerization reactions, isomerization, catalytic reactions, separation/purification processes, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, high-pressure and high-temperature systems, and many others.

Our mission lies in the globalization and commercialization of various technological equipment, as well as the implementation of projects to reconstruct existing equipment. In this context, we redesign and retrofit obsolete and/or inactive expensive experimental equipment for new research purposes and objectives, thus making an innovative contribution to reducing equipment acquisition costs.

Our production organization system is well-established to diligently execute projects, ensuring the best service to meet customer needs from the stage of technological process development to production and commissioning.

"Accumulated know-how and qualified personnel will ensure the quality of products and services beyond your expectations!"

Sincerely yours,

CEO / Yongmoon Shin